It Must Be Love

January 30, 2014


sit down at my computer to write a blog at 2am? What is it that motivates my wife to cook a Sunday supper with all the trimmings and extras on a Tuesday night? What is it that makes a mom and dad get up at 6:00am to drive their kids to a cold arena for hockey practice, or soccer or dance several less than convenient times every week, and for years on end? What makes a parent grow another grey hair every time their child hits a fever of 104, or their teenager comes home hours too late without excuse or answer as to where they've been?


It's Love.  All those times when it's not about us. It's about them.  Not about our self centeredness, but about our self sacrifice.  Not always about our voice and what we believe to be true, but so often it's all about listening.  As a parent I've learned it's a fine line between talking and listening. When to speak, how much to say, how much to withhold and just where the incredibly fluid and changing boundaries lay.  We begin listening for the squeaking of the cradle as our babies turn. A few years pass and we listen for them coming through the door from school. Then we listen for their dreams of "what they want to be", when they grow up. With parted lips we gently whisper out the wisdom that has guided us through many decades of life onto youthful ears that somehow already know more than we at the tender age of sixteen. And then we listen some more.


And why? All of this for love.  It's love that nudges us from our comfort zones to advocate for our children when we might not even have advocated for ourselves. To stand up for them, to fight their fight when they are too weak or sick or discouraged to stand on their own. These are the legs that love has. It's the way love moves and the way it lives. Love can't live in complacency, but it thrives in commitment.


Once again we are fast approaching February, the time when we hold our annual EVENING FOR MIRACLES Gala. It is a time when the love in our family seems to reach a point of expression that might be missed at another time of the year. All our energies join forces and aim for a single goal. It's a simple one. Push Jesse James Arrigo forward in his life. Give him the greatest opportunity for life that is possible. Nail down the promise to finance another year of healing and growth and recovery. But that is not all. It seems without any question that Love begets Love. Our family I believe is no different than your family. When a time comes in our life or our week or our day that loves rises to the surface from deep within us and touches the outside world, it opens a gate within the human heart that begins to well up and spill over. Not just to the object of our love but to the unsuspecting innocent bystander.

The human heart WANTS TO LOVE.


Time after time we have seen it, from a friend or a stranger who innocently asks, "by the way, how is Jesse?"  And as we begin to share just a little of our love for him, we inevitably begin to see compassion in the eyes of the other and irresistibly love for this friend or this stranger rises from within us and begins to cover them as well.  Tears often flow, and the expression of love that was meant for Jesse begins to settle on them. What a blessing we have in that emotion. The emotion that captivates us and intoxicates us and is so difficult to understand. Where did it come from? How did I get It? But it's no mystery to me. I know the answer. Love is a gift from God. If God is nothing else, he is Love. What am I but blood, and bones, and flesh, and tissue? I don't know how my heart does what it does minute after minute for sixty years without a break. My mind is definitely a mystery. Just five billion cells communicating with each other about I don't know what, and at speeds that I don't even notice nor can comprehend.  But yet into this mess that is me, God has poured in LOVE.


And that my the MIRACLE! We will celebrate An Evening for Miracles this Saturday, Feb. 1st at the Oasis Convention Centre.  We hope you will join us. We in our family have imagined a vision of generating, gathering and sharing the love of many with many more. From the love of many who are healthy and well, to the many who are not. To the little ones who by no fault of their own are hurting and in need of healing.  Saturday is the official launch of Baby Jesse's NEVERGIVEUP CLUB, nothing more than a vehicle to share our love, finances, wisdom, experience and support to kids who have had an experience similar to Jesse's. These we will call the members of our club. They are the tiny heroes who fight for their breath and encourage us to be as brave as they.  Our sincere wish is that you would join us in whatever way you can.  It's time my friends to make a difference!


Bob Arrigo

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