The Highest Calling

May 14, 2013

"Chance, Fortune, Luck, Destiny, Fate, Providence, seem to me only different ways of expressing the same thing", said Winston Churchill, "to wit, that a man's own contribution to his life story is continually dominated by an external superior power."  Churchill believed that his own will was continually overshadowed by the will of a power much greater than himself.  Oswald Chambers said, "We like to speak and act out of the rare moments of inspiration - yet God requires our obedience in the routine, the unseen, and thankless.  Our idea for ourselves is the grand moment and the hushed crowd - but his is ordinary things when the footlights are switched off"


You might agree that starting at a very early age our society breeds into us the ideology that our successes and achievements are recognized by our mastery over magnificent obstacles and impossible challenges but reality is that for the vast majority of us, the highest calling in our lives is to simply be exceptional in the ordinary things. When we are consistent, loyal, dependable and passionate through countless ordinary days, mountains can be moved and our personal worlds can be changed forever.


Because of a few stray moments last May Jesse's valleys are deeper than most of us and the mountains he has to climb are higher. The road to recovery that we walk with Jesse is a long and arduous trail, and without doubt it is uphill all the way. Yet there is nothing brilliant about what we do each day, nothing noble, nothing you wouldn't do for your child.  It is a matter of our commitment to the plan and our prayers and dreams for Jesse's tomorrow. And above all, today being just three days before the anniversary of Jesse's brush with eternity and ultimate survival to simply answer the call to go further, higher, deeper and always closer to he who holds in his heart the grandest plans of all for Jesse's future.


Jesse doesn't yet know what he is doing here, I mean in this life. Yet he IS doing something. Through him, something is being accomplished. A plan has been set in motion. The impact of his experience is being felt. Lessons are being learned. Questions of life and death are being asked and our sure and eventual mortalities are being realized by many.  Life's possibilities of our experiencing both blessing and harm have been awakened and considered in young and old alike.  Our family may never have an adequate answer and we might always ask why. But we know that asking the question of WHY about the past is futile, the question better asked is WHAT about the future. What can we do today that will impact tomorrow?  The immutable law of Reaping and Sowing has dictated the state of our life today.


The events of the past have determined the life we live in the present just as the activities of today will determine the life we live in the future. But however you want to say it, whether reaping and sowing, cause and effect, or activity and consequence, it's a truth and a law of nature that's inescapable. So we manage today and conduct ourselves with the highest ideals, the noblest intentions, the greatest effort and the most steadfast faith so that tomorrow Jesse himself will learn these things and from his own unique perspective, and with his own words will tell his story. The story of private unspoken memories of the events of these days that only he will know.


Papa Bob

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