On the morning of September 27, 2013 our lives changed forever.


Our beautiful 17 month old baby Kayla has sustained a near drowning accident and now requires years of extensive rehabilitation and aggressive treatments in order to get her life back. On the average these therapies can cost up to $180,000 a year and the essence of time is critical. For everyone that knows and loves Kayla the image of her innocent curiosity and love for her own life was so apparent and is our fountain of hope for her recovery. We hold onto who Kayla was and find comfort in her strength that she has already shown us and believe in her recovery.


Kayla's first words were "Da Da" and if you know the love between her and her devoted father and the world Kayla is to her loving parents you will rally with us to hear her sweet voice again. We reminisce of our family gathering at Kayla's house just one Sunday before her accident. The picture of Kayla and her huge smile while she cruised up and down her little tykes roller coaster with her eleven cousins cheering her on is what we know we can't live without.


Any contribution that you are willing to donate towards our fight to get Kayla back means the world to us and your kindness will forever remain in our hearts. If you prefer to donate by check or money order, please send donation to:


Donna Donnelly at P.O. Box 81 Kings Park, NY 11754 OR if you are donating $250 or more and are interested in a tax deduction you may make your check payable to IBRF (International Brain Research Foundation) and mail to the above P.O. Box. IBRF is a 501C3 Charitable Organization and contributions are taxed deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law. You will receive a letter of contribution for $250 or more as required by IRS regulations.