My Progress...


We have decided to add a page here where we could post short videos (mostly shot with iphone) of Jesse either in therapy or at home playing.  But no matter if Jesse is at a bonified therapy or at play, IT IS ALL THERAPY! Every moment, every activity, and every sensation encourages new cell growth in Jesse brain, because THE BRAIN GROWS BY USE!


The content will be placed in chronilogical order with the most recent videos at the bottom.

Jesse at Intensive Suit Therapy otherwise known as the Therasuit. The Therasuit was originally created by the Russian space program to strengthen the muscle tone of cosmonauts that spent extended periods in space in weigtlessness.


It is teaching Jesse's brain about the relationships of his various muscle groups and how they should work together. Covered in small bungie still chords it puts stress on his body raising his awareness of it's various parts. This therapy has enhanced his core strength considerably and as you can see he is beginning to develop a walking pattern

This is Jesse in what is called an Upsee Suit. Again, it is an assisted walking device. As you can see he loves being in it which makes the therapy all the more successful. He loves the feeling of standing as so much of time Jesse is either lying down or in a seated position.


The Upsee comes from the UK.