Kids on a Journey from Hurt to Hope

A long overdue Update

It has been just over eight years since Jesse survived his near drowning. Through many of those years have seemed a relentless series of hurdles for us as as family, they have also been years filled with the joy and pride of seeing our boy alive and happy.  We have been challenged to overcome emotional trauma, heart rending decisions, financial burden and sometimes tiresome effort. Nevertheless, all has been a labour of love. Jesse's particular brain injury inhibits his ability to hold his balance without support and has taken from him his ability to communicate verbally.  


I write this now as it has been such a long time since I posted an update on this site.  After all these years though I am daily taken aback by SEO reports of those who are visiting this site from near and far.  My best guess is that you are those who may have experienced something similarly as painful as we have and are searching for answers, or even more so groping for the right questions as to where to go for hope for your child or loved one.  This is a path that our family has trod and though we know that it is not an easy one, it does not necessarily mean you cannot find certain comforts in it's course.  The kindness and encouragement from friends and strangers alike has been such heartfelt support.  Not to minimize the great strength that prayer has been for us and the belief that there is a greater purpose behind this event.  Though it may be one that we never quite understand in this life, it has fallen to our family to deal with it and grow through it.


Our hope for you is that you might find special meaning in these pages and through them find some light in what might, at this time, be for you a shadowy world.

Our Mission


Our Vision


Our Focus


1.  Our highest priority is achieving the greatest recovery potential for Jesse and all surviving children of acquired non-traumatic brain injury.


2.  To educate and expose therapeutic options available to children with acquired brain injury.


3.  To support brain injury research and therapeutic study.

To see the renewal of HOPE for families affected by acquired brain injury and to encourage their need to advocate for their children through the encouragement and experience of Jesse's story and the stories of other children who's lives have also been impacted by non traumatic brain injury.


1.  The support and promotion of the therapeutic community, through web exposure, community events and other media.


2.  Periodic support of families living with the expense of non-government funded therapies related to brain injury recovery for their child.


3.  Providing on-line resources and information to help educate families impacted by this most understudied injury.



A Trust Fund has been created by Scotiabank to support the expenses related to dealing with the ongoing recovery effort associated with non-traumatic brain injury.  Though HEALTH CANADA covers medical costs during hospital stays and for some drug protocols, they do not cover private therapy clinics which specifically address the issues of brain injury.


Donations are not tax deductible but will be gratefully received by families dealing with non-traumatic brain injury, including Baby Jesse's.  100% of all monies received will go towards these support and recovery efforts/activities.



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Donations are accepted at all GTA Scotiabanks when made to

"In Trust for Jesse Arrigo"

(Acct. #35832 002 09089 24)


Or mail cheques to:

The Arrigo Family
c/o In Trust for Jesse Arrigo
5352 Glen Erin Dr.
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